Blocked tear ducts is a common issue with young children. Chronic tearing and mucous discharge is very common in infants, and is often the sign of a blocked tear duct (called Nasolacrimal duct obstruction). While the tear duct may open without treatment, Dr. Wasserman can cure this problem rapidly and permanently.

Parents are commonly frustrated with constantly wiping away the tears and discharge. Blocked tear ducts can cause the eyelids to become crusted and infections are common.

Dr. Wasserman performs a thorough eye examination and then discusses treatments with the parents.

Opening the tear duct is quick procedure that does not involve any cutting or suturing. Some parents elect to have the baby’s tear duct opened in an office procedure at around six months of age. Others elect to wait until the baby is one year old and have the tear duct opened in a same day hospital procedure.

The procedure is generally very successful, with over 90% cured with a single procedure. In some cases, Dr. Wasserman will temporarily insert silicone tubing into the tear duct to keep the duct open.