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Winter weather and be hazardous to your eyes. While people automatically take steps to protect their bodies as soon as the weather gets cold, few take any action to protect their eyes. Cold weather can lead to dry eyes, excessive tearing, and red, swollen and burning eyes. Freezing temperatures can cause blood vessels in the […]

For the vast majority of Americans, LASIK surgery benefits are permanent (and dramatic). However, roughly 2 percent of people who get LASIK surgery do require an “enhancement” procedure—a short follow-up surgery to further correct a person’s vision. Sometimes pregnancy will cause hormonal changes in our eyes, costing us some visual acuity. In rare cases, a […]

Everyone knows what lazy eye looks like (or at least, one version of it), but few people actually know what the condition is. Medically referred to as “amblyopia,” lazy eye is what happens when your brain and your eyes aren’t on the same page. Lazy eye is actually three conditions that all end up creating […]

How we communicate is sometimes involuntary. We reveal far more of ourselves through our eyes than we care to admit…so if you’ve ever wondered why people are responding to you strangely, it might be time to evaluate the way you’re looking at them. Here are some interesting things you communicate just with your gaze. Wide […]