For a professional athlete, the slip of a contact could mean the difference between first and last place, so it’s no surprise athletes are among some of the most likely candidates for LASIK. But just because you’re not competing for a gold medal or the Stanley Cup, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t also benefit from LASIK. […]

If you’re one of the many people who wasn’t quite blessed with the “20/20 vision” gene, unfortunately, getting perfect vision is going to cost a bit. But exactly how much is it going to cost? One of the most common things we hear from patients is that they would love to get LASIK, but just can’t afford […]

Remember back in elementary school when you were learning about the dangers of spreading rumors and you played the game ‘telephone?’ If so, than you remember that every time a phrase was whispered from one person’s ear to the next, it got slightly altered. Then by the end of the game, the last person shouted […]

Imagine one day needing glasses to see, and the next day not? Well in 1995, that dream became a reality for many. After the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of an excimer laser for ophthalmic use, thousands of people were suddenly able to say goodbye to their glasses for good. More than 20 […]