If you’re one of the many people who wasn’t quite blessed with the “20/20 vision” gene, unfortunately, getting perfect vision is going to cost a bit. But exactly how much is it going to cost? One of the most common things we hear from patients is that they would love to get LASIK, but just can’t afford it. If you’re worried LASIK may break the bank, here is how the cost of LASIK compares to contacts and glasses. 

Barry Wasserman | Comparing Costs LASIK vs. Contacts

LASIK vs. Contacts

Typically, LASIK costs around $2,000 an eye (but, this includes all of your procedure expenses, from the pre-surgery consultation to post-op care!). 

Word of advice: If you find anyone offering the service for under $1,000, proceed with extreme caution! This likely means they are lacking the latest and safest technology, or are operating illegally or without a license.

So say LASIK costs around $4,000 for each eye, does that compare to a lifetime of contacts? Yes! In 10-15 years, the average person will have spent $4,000 on contacts (and even more if you have astigmatism or need glasses and contacts). That means, if you got LASIK at 25 years old, it will have paid for itself by the time you are in your mid-to-late 30s!

Saving for LASIK

Despite the benefits LASIK provides, people still often feel as though they don’t have the money they’ll need for the procedure right now, and we hear you! We understand that most people don’t have $4,000 lying around, which is why we offer patients several payment plans and financing options. Two of the most popular options are:  

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

With an FSA, you can put aside up to $2,500 of your salary, and use it for medical procedures. The benefit to setting up an FSA is that this money is all pre-tax. For more information on how FSA can save you money, visit our blog on how to use your FSA to save money on LASIK.

LASIK Financing

Dr. Wasserman believes everyone should have access to lens-free vision, which is why he has partnered with Wells Fargo to offer patients special LASIK financing options. With this plan, there is no money down and you start paying a small fee of $138/ per eye a month.

Non-Monetary Benefits

Even though it’s clear that the average person would save money by taking advantage of LASIK early in their life, LASIK also offers plenty of benefits that you can’t put a price on — like the ability to wake up and instantly see your alarm clock, or to jump into a pool without having to remove your contacts or glasses first.


If you have thought that laser vision correction was not in your future, now you can join the millions who enjoy the freedom of a lifestyle without glasses or contacts. Don’t procrastinate, contact Dr. Wasserman today and use your FSA to save money on LASIK surgery!

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