When you first got contacts, it was probably a pretty exciting time. After all, you no longer had to be “four eyes.” But with age comes wisdom and you’re now starting to realize that while contacts may have been great when you were 15, they’re not living up to the hype anymore. If you’re a contacts wearer, you probably know about these 15 truths below all too well!

wearing contacts Barry Wasserman

  1. Every time your contacts make your eyes red, people ask if you were just crying.
  2. One tiny speck of dust has the power to take down your eyesight.
  3. You need to have extra contacts, solution, and a case on you at all times.
  4. Accidentally taking a nap in the middle of the day will leave your contacts feeling permanently glued to your eye.
  5. The fear of losing a contact in your eye is very real.
  6. The pain you feel when you tear a new (and probably pretty expensive) pair of contacts.
  7. Forgetting to pick up your contacts means tomorrow you either have to wear glasses or your already very old and irritating contacts again.
  8. You end almost every day with dry eyes.
  9. Finding a fingerprint on your contacts is the worst — especially if you don’t have the aforementioned solution and case on you.
  10. You always have to keep your nails short so that you can maneuver your contacts in the morning.
  11. Admit it, you wear your two-week contacts for almost a month at a time.
  12. Going anywhere windy or sandy means being on constant alert and covering your eyes at all times.
  13. Having your “searching for the contact in my eye” eye-roll mistaken as a sassy eye-roll.
  14. Knowing the odds of you finding the contact you dropped are pretty slim, but you spent a lot of money on them, so you’re determined!
  15. The terror you feel once you realize that you just took your contacts out and don’t know where your glasses are.

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