From traditional pirates and witches to the most popular movie characters (it’s all about Wonder Woman this year!), Halloween is the one day of the year when you can be anyone you want. So it’s no surprise that people pull out all the stops to make their costume feel as realistic as possible. But while we’re all looking to take home first place in the costume contest, it’s important that you also keep in mind your eye’s health, especially when it comes to makeup and contacts.

Halloween eye safety

1. It pays to spend more for quality makeup.

If you’re trick-or-treating as a spooky vampire or zombie, odds are you’ll need some face paint to really pull off your look. While it may be tempting to go for the cheapest makeup options, you should spend a little more on higher grade, hypoallergenic and FDA-approved makeup.

2. Test all makeup before putting it on your face.

Even if you get the highest quality makeup, you should still test it before applying it directly onto your face. Spread a small amount of makeup on your hand or chest and let it sit for a few hours before moving up towards your face.

3. Check makeup expiration dates.

Just like food, makeup can expire! Especially when dealing with seasonal makeup, it’s important to check that the foundation and paint you bought didn’t expire last Halloween.

4. Leave a “lid margin” around your eyes.

If you’re applying face paint around your eyes, leave a small area of unpainted skin between your eyes and your spooky makeup.

5. Remove all makeup at the end of the night.

Though it’s especially important you do this on Halloween, when you’re likely wearing more makeup than usual, this is a rule you should be following 24/7.

6. Be cautious of colored contacts.

Want your vampire to have blood red eyes, in addition to a pale face and fangs? In all honesty, colored contacts should be avoided at all costs, since they can cause infection, scratch your cornea, and affect your vision. That being said, we know even that won’t deter some people. If you’re planning on wearing colored contacts take every precaution necessary:

  • Don’t buy cosmetic contacts without a prescription.
  • Don’t share contacts with close friends or even family members.
  • Take your contacts out at the end of the night and throw them in the garbage.

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