After months of waiting, we’re happy to say that fall is here! Yes, it’s finally time to enjoy pumpkin spice everything and Halloween movies all month long. But there is one thing that can get in the way of your autumn excitement — glasses. Those little lenses have a way of getting in the way of our favorite fall activities. A few of the many are…


There’s nothing like getting the family together on a cool fall evening for a little friendly competition of touch-football. But not only can glasses get in the way of your game, they’re a safety hazard. Sure, you could always just take them off, but then you’re gonna have to work pretty hard just to keep your strained eyes on the ball.

Sports of Any Kind, Really


Football isn’t the only sport that’s, shall we say, “not conducive to glasses.” From soccer to baseball and even indoor swimming, glasses + sports = a disaster just waiting to happen.

Dealing with the Rain and Snow

rain on glasses

The only thing worse than getting caught in a rainstorm is getting caught in a rainstorm and not being able to see anything. In a matter of seconds, those tiny water droplets can completely take away your sight.

Amusement Parks

Roller Coaster

September and October are pretty much your last chances to get in any quality roller coaster time. But whipping around turns at 100mph isn’t as fun when you’re trying to hold onto your glasses the entire time or are just wishing they’re still in the accessories bin (and not broken) when you pull back into the station.

Picking a Halloween Costume

Halloween and glasses

Every glasses wearer has gone dressed up as Velma from Scooby-Doo at least once. But having your costume be limited to famous glasses wearers can get old, fast. Plus, glass can smudge your spooky skeleton makeup and make wearing a mask downright impossible.

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