If you follow our blog, you probably saw that we’ve talked about important questions to ask your LASIK surgeon before. But can 10 questions really cover it all? LASIK is a routine, outpatient procedure, but it’s still a big decision. That’s why we’ve decided to share with you 10 more questions you should be asking yourself and your surgeon before getting LASIK.

Questions to Ask LASIK Surgeon
Questions to Ask Yourself

“How will I be paying for LASIK?”

When compared to glasses and contacts, LASIK tends to pay for itself in less than 20 years. But we do understand that it’s a lot of money to spend at once. That’s why we encourage patients to take advantage of our LASIK financing options or set up a Flexible Spending Account.

“Can I go two weeks without wearing my contacts?”

Because contacts change the shape of your eye, most surgeons will require you to stop wearing them for one to two weeks before the procedure. If you absolutely have to wear your contacts for work or other reasons, talk to your surgeon about possible alternative options.

“Do I have transportation to and from the procedure.”

Because your eyesight might be blurry after the procedure, patients must be driven home from the office by another licensed adult.

Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

“Will you be using the latest in LASIK technology?”

CustomVue LASIK is one of the most advanced technologies in the LASIK game today. With it, Dr. Wasserman can tailor distinct corrections to every individual who walks through our doors.

“Will the procedure be done in a sterile environment?”

Because of how quick the procedure is, it can be easy to forget that LASIK is surgery. It’s so important that your surgeon uses sterile instruments and performs the procedure in a clean room.

“Are your lasers stationary or transportable?”

Surgeons have access to lasers by a few methods: they can purchase one, lease one, rent one, or rent out a surgical center with a stationary laser. At Barry Wasserman’s, we own each of our lasers, so we’re able to control every aspect of how they’re cared for and who uses them.

“Is LASIK safe?”

LASIK is an incredibly safe procedure, with less than 1 percent of patients experiencing a serious complication. The most common side effects are scratchiness, dryness, glare, and light sensitivity, which go away over time.

“What is your success rate?”

98 percent of Dr. Wasserman’s patients see 20/40 after LASIK. Over 96 percent of them have 20/20 vision or better, and will never need glasses for distance vision again.

“How soon after the procedure will I be able to see?”

Most patients will begin to experience near perfect vision within 24 hours.

“Why should I choose you?”

Dr. Wasserman is an experienced LASIK surgeon who has been performing laser vision correction for many years. Unlike other surgeons, who pass their reviews off to a nurse or intern, Dr. Wasserman will conduct and review your pre-operative tests and evaluations himself. He programs those calculations into the VISX Star 4 IR laser so you receive your perfect individual treatment.

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