With the year coming to a close and Thanksgiving a mere three days away, it’s no surprise that our office is abuzz with thanks and gratitude. 

On the surface, what we do here at Barry Wasserman’s is help people to see clearly. But when you take a closer look at it, we know that what we really do is make people’s lives just a little less complicated. From no longer having to carry around contact solution to finally being able to go out for the job of their dreams, we couldn’t be more thankful for our jobs, the great people we work with, and the relationships with patients that we have forged over the years.

Barry Wasserman Grateful

From inside the office to our homes, these are just a few of the things we’re grateful for!

I am thankful to be working for the kindest, smartest doctor I know. He always takes the time not only for each and every patient but for each of his employees. He is a compassionate person that has truly become a special friend, not “just a boss.” Second, I am thankful for my health! It allows me to run with my dog, dance with my friends and rake all the leaves in my yard. When you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything, as my grandmother used to say…” – Denise

I’m thankful that I get to work every day at a job that I love with the most amazing people on the planet! I’m thankful for my 3 incredible children who I love with all my heart and soul!!” – Heather

I’m thankful for my family at home and for my new family at work. : )” – Iris

I am thankful for my husband, sisters, and Aunt who are always there for me no matter what that may be!  I am also thankful for the job that I have and the staff that I come to think of as my second family!  They are all wonderful people and it is even better when you have a boss that you love and is not only your boss but your friend (and work husband).” – Lisa

I am thankful for my happy patients who now have great vision and my wonderful family and friends!” – Barry

From all of us at Barry Wasserman’s, have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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Janet Weber Thompson  
November 21, 2017 at 2:56 pm

Happy thanksgiving, BNW team.

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