We probably don’t have to tell you that Thanksgiving is all about good food and family. But amidst all of that food preparation and table decorating, sometimes family time accidentally gets pushed to the side. This season, spend time with your little ones and let them help out with the decorating when you make these kid-friendly, Thanksgiving crafts.

Paper Turkeys

This easy-to-make paper turkey requires just a paper plate, a bit of paint, and a few googly eyes. And while you can always follow the picture below, feel free to add feathers, glitter, and whatever else you have in your craft closet to your creation!

A Gratitude Plate

We hope you still have a few paper plates left over from the first craft! Since this is the season to be grateful, teach kids a fun way to express their gratitude.

Turkey Cake Pops

This may demand a bit more of your time than other crafts on the list, but trust us, they’ll be worth it in the end! Plus, you can make a few extra and put them out for Thanksgiving dessert. Now you get to spend time with your family while prepping for Thanksgiving — win, win!

Pinecone Turkeys

Mix the fun of crafting with the joy of the Great Outdoors with these Pinecone Turkey decorations. After hunting for fallen pinecones outside, let your kids create their own turkeys. If your kids feel like making a bunch, you can even use them as a place setting decoration or cardholders.

From our Barry Wasserman family to yours, have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!  


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