How we communicate is sometimes involuntary. We reveal far more of ourselves through our eyes than we care to admit…so if you’ve ever wondered why people are responding to you strangely, it might be time to evaluate the way you’re looking at them. Here are some interesting things you communicate just with your gaze. Wide […]

You and I have been using our eyes for so long, we forgot that eyesight requires muscle coordination. The eye relies on muscles to turn, move from target to target, focus, and adjust to the light. Like walking, babies have to learn to do those things over the first few months of their lives. Unlike […]

At our LASIK office, we examine hundreds of eyes every week—but the wonder and power of the human eye still amazes us! Below, we’ve collected 29 amazing, surprising facts about the way we see. You don’t actually see the color red! Your receptors can capture red, green, and blue–but your red receptor actually only detects […]