Entrepreneurs will often tell you—if you want to create wealth, you can’t think in terms of cost, but value. If something has a high one-time cost, but it also has a high overall value, then the price doesn’t matter as much. That’s why today we’re looking at the cost of LASIK vs. the value of […]

What to Expect First, your visual prescription is measured, just as if you were being measured for glasses or contact lenses. Next, the measured prescription is entered into the laser. The doctor is then able to guide the laser in correcting and reshaping the cornea. Once your prescription is put into the machine, the doctor […]

Babies aren’t able to tell us if anything is wrong (at least not with words). Doctors and parents rely on early screenings to gauge the health of newborns. Screenings catch problems early, increasing the odds that a child will respond to treatment. That’s why early eye exams are extremely important. But how early do you […]

Everyone Needs Good Eye Care Today, four out of five people have some sort of vision problem. More children in our society are wearing glasses at a very young age. Many people need corrective surgeries to enhance their vision, and some are having the surgeries to avoid wearing glasses and contact lenses. Common Concerns About […]