While many patients who undergo LASIK have no side-effects whatsoever, some patients will experience post-LASIK dry eye for a short time after the surgery. Although dry eye is far from a troublesome endeavor, there may be days where the afflicted needs relief. In this blog, we will talk about why temporary dry eye occurs after LASIK, and how you can fight back.

The Cause of Temporary Dry Eye

When a patient undergoes LASIK one, or both, of their eyes may feel dry after the surgery due to lack of moisture. This lack of moisture stems from some patient’s eye’s temporary inability to create tears after LASIK surgery. While we think of tears as the saline solution that comes from our eyes when we cry, in truth, our eyes are tearing up continuously to keep themselves moist. However, when some people receive LASIK eye surgery, the procedure can temporarily reduce the sensitivity of the corneal nerves, which may prevent a patient’s eye from recognizing the need for lubrication, which in turn, results in lower-tear production. It is important to note that this is temporary, and not a cause for alarm. However, you may want immediate relief from dry eye while the corneal nerves regain sensitivity.

Relieving Temporary Dry Eye

There are a variety of ways in which Dr. Barry Wasserman can help you prevent temporary dry eye or deal with temporary dry eye if it occurs.

Solutions for post-LASIK temporary dry eye surgery include:

  • Prescription eye drops
  • Supplemental diet and vitamin plan
  • Anti-inflammatory medication such as corticosteroids
  • Drinking lots of water and staying hydrated


As you can see, Dr. Wasserman has some tricks up his sleeve to help your eyes feel perfectly healthy before, during, and after your procedure. When you choose Dr. Barry, you can say goodbye to post-LASIK dry eye!

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