Are you interested in getting LASIK eye surgery, but are wondering if there is an optimal age to undergo the procedure? The reality is that LASIK eye surgery does have some age restrictions and there is a scientifically proven optimal age to undergo the procedure.

Why LASIK Has Age Restrictions

As children grow up, their eye shape changes on a microscopic level. This change is typically a result of genetics, and is a normal part of growing up. This is why LASIK is not offered to anyone under the age of 18. If LASIK was performed on a child, his or her vision would have a high probability of changing within the next couple of years, making the surgery obsolete. After the age of 18, however, the chances of someone’s eyes continuing to grow or change is unlikely, making 18-year-olds good candidates for LASIK surgery. While eye growth after 18-years-old is unlikely, it is still probable, which is why waiting till your mid-twenties to receive LASIK is arguably the optimal choice, as this all but ensures that your eyes are finished growing and that your LASIK procedure is permanent.

However, for your benefit, there is another time-related factor that influences your eligibility for LASIK. In order to be a candidate for LASIK, you must have no significant prescription changes within the last year. The reason behind this rule is simple, just because the FDA allows you to get LASIK does not mean that your eyes are done growing. Significant prescription changes within the year can lead to poor LASIK results, which is why the FDA demands that your prescription stay the same for at least one year.

If you have any questions about how your age may affect LASIK, contact us for a free LASIK consultation. Getting your questions answered by Dr. Wasserman may be the first step to a life-changing decision!

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