In the past, LASIK was performed using a general “one procedure fits all” mentality in regards to various eyesight problems. If someone had a particular procedure performed to correct their vision, it was likely that the ophthalmologist would perform the same procedure for someone else with the same eyesight issues. However, WaveScan technology is the next step in procedural LASIK surgeries.

What Is WaveScan?

WaveScan is an aberrometer (an eye measurement tool that calculates the optical quality of the eye relative to both the cornea and the lens of the eye) that gathers raw data on your eye. This tool is capable of catching optical aberrations (or an eye characteristic that is abnormal and harms the eye’s ability to function at optimal levels. The WaveScan machine collects this data and uploads it into the laser that is used in your surgery. A WaveScan assisted surgery can be up to 25 times more effective than the standard LASIK surgery.

An interesting fact about WaveScan, this technology was initially developed for viewing and identifying objects in deep space and was used in the Hubble Telescope!

A Procedure Made for You

WaveScan is so beneficial for patients because the LASIK procedure is tailored to meet the exact needs of your eyes. Although regular LASIK procedures have fantastic results, WaveScan-assisted LASIK is hands down the better option because the operation is for your eyes only. The specifications of this procedure will retire and never be used again because your eyes are unique.

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