Anxiety and your LASIK procedure

In an ideal world, every one of our patients would walk into our office relaxed, calm, and eager to see the world with nothing but their own two eyes. Unfortunately, what we often see are patients that are nervous, fearful, and anxious about the procedure. And honestly, that’s okay! It’s perfectly normal to be a […]

the difference between LASIK, PRK, and LASEK

Though LASIK is arguably the most common type of vision-correcting eye surgery, it’s not the only one out there. Many people walk into a LASIK consultation only to learn that LASIK isn’t the best option for them. Below, we’re going to explore the benefits and differences between LASIK, PRK, and LASEK. LASIK Standing for Laser-Assisted […]

In the past, LASIK was performed using a general “one procedure fits all” mentality in regards to various eyesight problems. If someone had a particular procedure performed to correct their vision, it was likely that the ophthalmologist would perform the same procedure for someone else with the same eyesight issues. However, WaveScan technology is the […]

Are you interested in getting LASIK eye surgery, but are wondering if there is an optimal age to undergo the procedure? The reality is that LASIK eye surgery does have some age restrictions and there is a scientifically proven optimal age to undergo the procedure. Why LASIK Has Age Restrictions As children grow up, their […]