Early Eye Surgery The first recorded eye surgery was a cataract removal. In very early times, they were treated by striking the patient’s eye with a blunt object when the cataracts reached an advanced stage, causing the lens to be dislocated. This process restored only very limited and unfocused vision. (It also hurt). According to […]

When children participate in sports while growing up, they nurture their body and mind in ways that benefit them as adults for the rest of their lives. Science has shown us that kids who perform at an early age improve their cardiovascular health, strengthen their hand-eye coordination, and develop a sense of teamwork and camaraderie […]

Due to years of movies (particularly kung fu movies or superhero movies), misconceptions about blindness abound. For example, for many years people believed that those with blindness “train” themselves to better use their other senses. However, research released in September of 2017 shows that our brains naturally re-map areas that go unused—in effect, our brains […]

Your vision works in two parts, although most people only notice the obvious one—your eyes. Your brain’s visual cortex plays an equally important role in sight though. How Vision Works Your eye works to gather information and your brain works to process it. If you injure your eye, you won’t see as well. However, what […]