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While it may not be the most serious eye condition we come across, there’s no denying that dry eyes are a real pain in the neck (or should we say eye?). When the quality or quantity of your tears can’t properly lubricate your eyes, they can become dry and irritated. Not only does that affect […]

What’s not to love about traveling? You get to experience new cultures, new foods, and see the world. But the one thing that isn’t quite so fun? Dealing with contacts. Even the most exciting vacation can be ruined by missing and dry contacts. So here are just a few of the ways contacts can get […]

If you’ve been listening to the news or logged on to social media recently, you’ve probably heard that we here in the United States are about to have a total solar eclipse! That’s right, for a few minutes, the moon will completely block out the sun and cover much of North America in darkness. Many […]

We tend to find two groups of people who walk into our office: those who have researched the procedure extensively and could almost do it themselves and those who just walk in, say they want their vision corrected, and leave the rest up to Dr. Wasserman. In all honesty, both of these are perfectly fine! […]