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How long does LASIK really last?

A common misconception about LASIK that we often hear is that it’s temporary. While perfect vision may not last forever, LASIK is anything but a temporary fix. Let us explain… All Vision Naturally Declines Over Time Unfortunately, it’s just a fact of life that everyone’s vision worsens to some degree as they get older. That […]

In the past, LASIK was performed using a general “one procedure fits all” mentality in regards to various eyesight problems. If someone had a particular procedure performed to correct their vision, it was likely that the ophthalmologist would perform the same procedure for someone else with the same eyesight issues. However, WaveScan technology is the […]

Are you interested in getting LASIK eye surgery, but are wondering if there is an optimal age to undergo the procedure? The reality is that LASIK eye surgery does have some age restrictions and there is a scientifically proven optimal age to undergo the procedure. Why LASIK Has Age Restrictions As children grow up, their […]

When you walk into a pharmacy and look through the eye drop selection you will probably find over 10 different kinds of eye drops begging for your patronage. Overnight drops, drops for those who work outside, generic “store brand” drops, and drops made specifically for allergies are all at your disposal, but the big question […]