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My best advice is start vision screening for children by ages 3-5. Parents frequently ask me when a child should have their eyes checked, says Dr. Wasserman.  As we prepare our children to go back to school each year, this question comes up more frequently.  Children should have some form of vision screening between the […]

LASIK surgery is a remarkable alternative for anyone who wishes to enjoy a lens-free lifestyle.  Because there are so many misconceptions about LASIK surgery I thought I might provide some LASIK surgery facts and answer some of the many questions patients ask me when considering the surgery. DOES IT CORRECT ASTIGMATISM? Yes, LASIK can correct nearsightedness, […]

In an effort to dispel some myths about children and their eyes,  I thought I would answer some questions that parents frequently ask. Does reading in dim light damage a child’s eyes? This question is often asked when a child likes to read in bed at night with just a flashlight for light.  Of course, […]