Pediatric Eyelid Surgery: Droopy Eyelids

Droopy Eyelids or Ptosis

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Droopy eyelids or Ptosis is another issue for children.  It can appear at birth or develop with age. A child with congenital Ptosis or droopy eyelids may tilt his or her head in order to be able to see properly. Surgery to correct a child with Ptosis is recommended in preschool years to improve appearance and to make it easier for the child to see.

Dr. Wasserman surgically shortens the muscle that opens the eyelid which accomplishes better vision and improved appearance.


BEFORE                                                          AFTER                                

Baby Ptosis BeforeBaby Ptosis After






Baby Ptosis Before | Droopy EyeBaby Ptosis After | Droopy Eye


Baby Ptosis | Droopy Eye | BeforeBaby Ptosis | Droopy Eye | After

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