“Wow!” is usually the first word from each patient who’s just had CustomVue LASIK surgery in our New Jersey offices. From experience, we know that “wow” means “I can see so much better” or “I can read that clock on the wall” or “I can’t believe it.” Wave Scan Technology combines ActiveTrak® 3-D Eye Tracking and Variable Spot Scanning (VSS™) providing Dr. Wasserman the best possible treatment options for you. This extraordinary technology represents the highest standard for Laser Vision Correction. It’s available on-site.

Our patients often find the advanced features of the Star S4 make the difference in their decision to have laser vision correction. ActiveTrak® is the only technology capable of tracking all dimensions of the eyes movements, including the slight up and down movements and the tiny forward and backward movements that occur during surgery. The ActiveTrak® system centers the laser’s beam correctly on the eye at all times, for better, safer, more accurate results.*

CustomVue Technology

CustomVue Technology

Dr. Wasserman can tailor a distinct correction for each individual – in fact each treatment is “designed” by the unique characteristics of the individual patient’s eyes. WaveScan technology captures unique imperfections in each individual’s vision that could not have been measured before. This new level of measurement provides 25-times more precision than measurements using standard methods for glasses and contact lenses.

WaveScan technology produces a detailed map of the eye – much like a fingerprint, no two are alike and translates this information into a set of CustomVue treatment instructions for the laser. WaveScan transfers these digital treatment instructions to the laser, providing a new level of precision and accuracy.

Beyond Glasses and Contacts

Glasses and contacts are limited in their ability to correct unique imperfections in each individual’s vision. In fact, thousands of individuals have the same prescription. With the CustomVue procedure, no two “prescriptions” are identical.

With this precise level of measurement and treatment Dr. Wasserman enables his patients to achieve the full potential of their vision.

It integrates data collected by the WaveScan WaveFront System and utilizes these technologies to deliver precise custom treatments. Dr. Wasserman also offers customized, ALL-LASER LASIK technology.

  • Iris Registration or (IR) is the first FDA-approved, fully automated, non-contact method of aligning the correct CustomVue treatment to the cornea
  • Variable Spot Scanning (VSS) is a variable beam scanned over the treatment area which conserves tissue and optimizes treatment times
  • ActiveTrak is a 3-D Eye Tracking system which captures all 3 dimensions of intra-operative eye movements with no dilation required
  • ActiveTrak Automatic Centering locates and then automatically sets the treatment center to the center of the pupil.

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